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Is your skincare routine working?
Find out using our cutting-edge RNA-based test.
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Connect with your skin on a molecular level.
Agenek's test identifies your skin's specific needs.
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The only test that analyses your skin cells.

We use RNA biology that is superior to DNA testing.

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Unlock the Future of Anti-Aging

Gene Expression

We use RNA technology to get a complete snapshot of your facial skin gene expression profile.

Data Analysis

By using bioinformatics we analyze your samples to determine your "problem genes" and identify the best treatment plan tailored to your needs.

Personalized Reports

You will receive a fully personalized report that identifies your specific aging factors and provides you with targeted and direct recommendations for existing skincare products.

Discover your skin's needs with Agenek's RNA-based test.

Aging Skin
Dry Skin
Oily Skin
Pigmented Skin
Acne Skin

Gene-Driven Skincare Solutions

Our focus lies in identifying genes needing attention, which sets us apart from traditional DNA tests. Unlike DNA assessments that solely uncover predispositions, our pioneering RNA-based test delves into your skin’s gene expression, pinpointing specific “problem” genes. 

Tailored Product Recommendations

Our advanced analysis not only identifies your skin’s unique needs but also matches them with existing skincare products. Through our comprehensive assessment, we provide personalized recommendations, ensuring you have access to the right products for your skincare routine, tailored precisely to your skin’s requirements.

Tracking Skincare Progress

With our innovative approach, you can track the effectiveness of your skincare routine over time by retaking our test. By analyzing changes in gene expression, we can measure improvements, ensuring your skincare regimen is delivering the desired results and optimizing your path to healthier, more radiant skin.

Empower your anti-aging journey with our RNA-based test for personalized skincare solutions

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